Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alphard ( The Grand Suite )


At the front, a "V"-shaped line stretching from the front pillars to the bumper adds dynamism to the front mask, while the elongated large headlights and the dynamic horizontal bar grille make for a high-quality feel.

The side view of both the Alphard and the Vellfire presents a sleek monoform silhouette rising in a single sweep from ... Read Morethe front fender.

At the rear, a "V"-shaped-line running from the rear pillars imparts a sense of depth while the solid bumper gives the vehicle a firmly grounded aspect.

Alphard Welcab
We also care about people who require special attentions by launching Social Active Accessibility Program (SAAP) – in which we import vehicles which have detachable wheel chair installed in the car cabin, specially designed to cater the need of elderly and physically disabled. ( By Eric Wong )

Alphard color chart

Relax Captain Seat 7 Seater

8 Seater

350X/240X Alphard

Interior - 350X/240X Alphard

240S Alphard

350S/240S Alphard

Interior - 350S/240S Alphard

350G/240G Alphard

Interior - 350G/240G Alphard

350S "C Package" Alphard

Interior - 350S "C Package"

Front - 350G "L Package"

Back View - 350G "L Package"

350G'L Package"

Interior - 350G "L Package"

Executive Power Seater 7 Seater

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