Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vellfire ( The Power Luxury )


The stepped headlights and a horizontally accentuated grille create a distinct impression, while the front mask, which emphasizes the lines flowing to the sides, expresses innovation.

As with the Alphard, a “V”-shaped line running from the rear pillar imparts a sense of depth while the solid bumper gives the vehicle a firmly grounded aspect. The combination taillights adopt a stepped design using LEDs and clear lenses for a slick appearance.

Both vehicles also feature Toyota’s first-ever rear wipers that fold away into the roof spoiler for a clean look.

On models with aerodynamic trim (S Grade on the Alphard; Z Grade on the Vellfire), the firm balance between the bumper and side cladding panels creates a sporty image. Meanwhile, 18-inch aluminum wheels create a “meant-to-be driven” look, while the combination taillights have a special smoked-effect coating that enhances their sophistication.

Vellfire Color Chart

Vellfire interior

Vellfire 7 seaters

Vellfire 8 seaters

Vellfire Front 3.5X/2.4X

Vellfire Back 3.5X/2.4X

Vellfire interior 3.5X/2.4X

Vellfire Front 3.5Z/2.4Z

Vellfire Back 3.5Z/2.4Z

Vellfire interior 3.5Z/2.4Z

Vellfire Front 3.5V/2.4V

Vellfire Back 3.5V/2.4V

Vellfire interior 3.5V/2.4V

Vellfire Front Z "G Edition"

Vellfire Back Z "G Edition"

Vellfire interior Z "G Edition"

Vellfire Seats Z "G Edition"

Vellfire Seats Z "G Edition"

Vellfire 3.5V"L Edition"

Vellfire interior 3.5V"L Edition"

Vellfire close up 3.5V"L Edition"

Vellfire Seats 3.5V"L Edition"

Vellfire Executive Power Seat 3.5V"L Edition"

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